Privacy Policy

About our Policy

The privacy of visitors to this website and the colleagues of Kentucky Diabetes Network (KDN) is a top priority to us. The following is more specific information related to our privacy policy.



The Kentucky Diabetes Network (KDN) does not assemble, disclose, give, sell, rent or transfer any identifiable personal information about our colleagues or visitors to this website. Any contact made by a colleague or site visitor, via e-mail or otherwise, with KDN representatives will not be tracked or shared with any third party or outside entity unless we are expressly instructed by site visitor to do so for their purposes. Any information shared by site visitor during contact with a KDN representative will be used for the sole purpose of responding to a request or maintaining regular correspondence (e.g. newsletters, notifications) as requested, but will not be tracked or shared for any other future purposes.

It should also be recognized that KDN does track website traffic as well as general, but unidentifiable visitor information for statistical analysis purposes only. Data tracked may include, but is not limited to, originating domain information, usage statistics, user behavioral data and hardware classification data. Please note that this data is used for the sole purpose of analyzing trends and evaluating behavioral patterns in website visits overall, and does not maintain, collect or evaluate and historical data that would be considered identified information for individual purposes. Individual user information will always remain anonymous.

Policy updated February, 2020 - Kentucky Diabetes Network